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Paranoid is a suite of Perl modules (also available on CPAN) that are intended enforce safer programming by providing functions that perform more sanity checks as well as enforcing taint mode.

While not perfect in many respects, it is designed to be as safe as possible, while providing consistent diagnostics. It currently provides functions and objects to handle everything from data maniputation to IO access. Unified logging frameworks (with internal distribution supporting syslog, SMTP, and files, etc.), forked program infrastructure, command-line argument processing, and more.


Modules based on Paranoid

A few modules that used to be part of the Paranoid distribution have been broken out as their own distributions due to external dependencies. They can still be found both on CPAN and this site:


The following is a sample list of applications which make use of Paranoid, along with a description of how it is being used in each case:


autofwd is an automated firewalling daemon designed to defend against dictionary attacks. It uses the following modules:


fsperms is a tool for applying security templates to filesystem and directory structures. It uses the following modules:


Thanks to Slaven Rezic <> for finding a bug in the plock implementation and offering great suggestions for resolution.